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Embrace the Kids Preloved Central Philosophy

We’re founded on the philosophy of “Waste not, want not.”  If you use a commodity or resource carefully and without extravagance you will never be in need.

Our own preloved journey has given us an increased sense of what true value actually means.  By reusing and recycling preloved clothes, books and other items you’re not settling for second best.  You’re putting our planet’s resources first.

We’d love to share with you what we’ve learned.  This is an opportunity for you to embark not only on a whole new way of shopping, but a whole new way of living!

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Sustainable Choices for Us and the Planet

Embrace the Kids Preloved Central Philosophy

By reusing preloved clothes, we’re lessening the impact of fast fashion on the environment.  Fast fashion is a term used to describe the rapid, cyclical production and consumption of inexpensive on-trend clothing.

Preloved clothing is a sustainable choice for several reasons.  It conserves resources by extending the life of existing clothing, replacing the need for new clothing and resource production.  It diverts clothing from landfill, reducing the impact of textile waste on the environment, and promotes a circular economy by reusing existing resources.

Waste not, want not!  We place great emphasis on the careful and responsible use of resources.  By using our planet’s resources carefully and without extravagance, we’re promoting a more sustainable way of life, where the focus is on preserving our planet’s finite resources for future generations.

We uphold an enduring principle in our family which we apply to everything in our possession: “If you look after it, it will look after you.”  If we look after our planet, it will look after us!

Nurturing Eco Friendly Habits

Embrace the Kids Preloved Central Philosophy

Teaching our children from an early age about the benefits of making eco friendly choices is the best way to uphold a strong sense of environmental responsibility.

Children learn by observation.  As parents, we must lead by example, not only by making sustainable choices, but by explaining to our kids why those choices have been made.  It could be as simple as showing them how to recycle everyday household items.

We can educate our kids by explaining the importance of why recycling clothes, books and other items is beneficial to us and the environment.  Other green choices could include reducing plastic usage, composting, or switching-off appliances at the power point when they’re not being used.  Explain too how these choices all add-up to help reduce waste, save energy and protect the environment.

We could encourage our kids to question and think about their own impact on the environment.  We could ask them and their friends to come up with their own solutions to environmental problems, and help them explore different ways on how they could collectively make a difference.

Eco friendly practices play a vital role in everyday family life.  You could make some family rules.  Use reusable bags when shopping, turn off the lights when leaving the room, or not use the lights at all!

Children learn best when they’re having fun.  Many of our customers involve their kids in the process of choosing the products we sell.  It’s become so much a part of their family routine, that they just can’t wait to see our new arrivals.