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The Benefits of Buying our Preloved Clothes

Shopping online for preloved clothing has become increasingly popular in recent years.  Here are some important reasons why buying clothes online with Kids Preloved Central is beneficial:

Shopping Online for Clothes is Convenient

One of the greatest advantages of shopping online for clothes is convenience.  Products are available 24/7.  You can shop with us whenever it suits you and at your own pace.  You don’t have to drive to our store, find a place to park or feed the parking meter.  You don’t have to deal with crowds, noise or queues.

A Greater Selection all Year

Unlike traditional retail stores (even those with an online presence), we can offer you clothes for all seasons, all-year-round.  We also offer clothing brands such as Pumpkin Patch which is no longer available in retail outlets.  Our customers tell us they love the fact that their children stand out from the crowd, because they’re often wearing unique or hard-to-find items which are no longer widely available.

Make Shopping Fun for Your Kids

Many of our customers tell us that they involve their kids in the online shopping process.  Online shopping has made it easy for parents and children to sit together at a computer screen and make choices.  It can be a fun process for kids, who are more likely to wear the clothes they have chosen themselves, because they are emotionally invested in the choice.  It’s become so much a part of their family ritual, that parents and children alike just can’t wait to see our new arrivals.

Preloved Clothes Online High Five

Lower Prices and Stock Notifications

Online shopping means that we can offer you lower prices on clothes and books because we don’t have the overhead costs that brick-and-mortar stores do.  We always have sale products available as well as other products which are permanently discounted because they are imperfect.  These products are still fit-for-purpose with plenty of useable life left in them.  They may be a factory-second product, or a product which we have repaired.  There are other benefits too.  As a customer with a registered account, we can notify you of new stock arrivals and the suitability of particular items as they become available.

Easier to Search for Specific Items

Our shop menu appears at the top of every page.  Our search function allows you to look for specific items.  You can also filter your search by gender, size, clothing type, brand, colour, features, material and condition.  There are licensed brand and licensed character filters, as well as various filters for books.

Preloved Clothes Online Search

A More Sustainable Method

Buying preloved clothing is more environmentally sustainable than buying new clothes, because you are reducing the demand for new clothing production and the resources needed to produce them.  You are also diverting from landfill, items which still have plenty of usable-life left in them.

Personalised Service

We know our customers and their requirements.  We have clothed some of our customer’s children all the way to adulthood: especially those customers who live remotely!  We will measure any garment upon request to ensure it fits correctly.  We can also keep an eye-out for anything you might be specifically looking for.  Just contact us with your ‘wish list’ and we’ll do the rest.

Shopping online for preloved clothes with Kids Preloved Central offers many advantages, including greater convenience and selection; better prices, easier search functions, access to hard-to-find fashion and personal service.  It can be fun for the kids while teaching them sustainable habits.  You can build a stylish wardrobe for your children without breaking the bank or leaving home.

In our next article, we’re looking at how to identify high quality clothing.  So remember to look after your stuff, and it will look after of you!

Cheers, David & Cath.